Experienced Crew

Legislation is aimed at achieving safety for both people and the environment. In order to meet these objectives the people involved have to be adequately educated, informed, and experienced; our own staff meet these requirements.

Only pilots highly experienced in this type of work are employed by M D Air Services, and they are supported by our team of equally experienced ground crew.  Pilots and ground crew all possess the relevant NPTC/ADR certificates showing that they have adequate knowledge and training to undertake their duties.

At the start of each season, all “front line” personnel attend a mandatory safety briefing/refresher/training session during which any issues that might have arisen during the previous season, or any staff views will be fully discussed.

In addition to staff qualifications, the operators themselves have to be in possession of a current CAA Aerial Application Certificate. M D Air Services ensures that a copy of this is carried in each of the ground support units and available for inspection.