We aim to provide our clients with a safe, efficient bracken spraying service and make a contribution to controlling the expansion of bracken upon heathland, moorland, and upland pastures of the UK. Uncontrolled expansion will be disastrous for not only wildlife habitats and the viability of farming in these areas, but it could eventually impact upon the entire socio-economic viability of villages and rural townships in the affected regions.

Our expectation is that our work will “make a difference”. We are in the fortunate position of being able to see the changes that have already been made whilst flying from job to job each summer. Our “bird’s eye view” of many areas we have sprayed in previous years, shows where once there was  “wall to wall” bracken is now grass being grazed by livestock.

“Wall to wall bracken”
“Wall to wall bracken”

Areas cleared as part of a forestry planting scheme can be seen with young forests developing and, in the case of heather moor regeneration work, healthy heather in bloom (frequently with hives to be seen among the heather, indicating that bees are busily foraging).

These “Before and After” photographs demonstrate the efficacy of our work. The first picture was taken in the July of the spraying year, the picture below was taken 12 months later (from exactly the same spot).