A Personal Note

Sadly my husband Mike Davies passed away in August 2019. He is sorely missed by family, friends and colleagues.

Mike was diagnosed with a lung condition some 11 years ago which steadily worsened and over the last few years he was unable to be fully “hands on” with the bracken spraying operation. Consequently in recent years our bracken spraying work was carried out by Polo Aviation Ltd.

Previously, Polo Aviation had supplied the spraying helicopter used by M D Air Services and their Managing Director, Peter Hall, a farmer and pilot himself, had flown some of our spraying work for us. Polo have now purchased and are using our helicopter spray kit which, following many years of R & D work, Mike evolved specifically for (successful) bracken control, and our ground support units. They have also taken on our Chief Pilot and ground crew (including one of our sons, Ed, who is also an engineer and acts as lead crew man when on task).

We will continue to offer them our support and the benefit of our over 30 years experience in this field.

During the building up of this business over that last 30 odd years, Mike had learnt of the vital necessity for bracken control work to continue. Due to the invasion of so much mountain grazing pasture by bracken during the last century (thought to be partly due to change in farming practices but mainly due to global warming/ongoing climate change) a robust bracken control policy needs to be maintained if the UK uplands are not to eventually become completely inundated.

Mike was devoted to the cause of bracken control, tirelessly fighting for continued use of both Asulox and aerial spraying, and it was his fervent wish that this vital work should continue as it is the only “tool in the box” that we have for dealing with a problem of this potential magnitude.

I myself have been very much involved in the administrative side of the business, working alongside Mike from the beginning, and together with our sons Ed Matthew and Chris are very keen to make sure his work continues.

To this end we will continue to support Polo Aviation, remaining a point of contact for bracken spraying queries, advice and ordering. Polo Aviation Ltd, the operator, can also be contacted directly with orders if you wish. Contact details can be found on their website

I know that Mike would like me to thank all his clients who have used his service over the years, he very much appreciated your support (and endless cups of tea).

Kind regards

Beryl Davies